True-Blue Box INDIGO



Due to the absence of noise and distortion, the music that is played through INDIGO comes to life in a way that you have never heard before. The sound taste of our products is described as pure, clean and mellow. That’s why we chose the name True-Blue Box; True-Blue means unadulterated and that’s exactly what we went for. The INDIGO is a Special Edition that we have produced on a very small scale.

Easy connection. The True-Blue Box INDIGO amplifier is at the heart of your audio system. It is the connecting link between speakers and music sources.

Connecting the INDIGO amplifier to your new or existing audio system is childishly easy. You connect a streamer, CD player or a TV receiver directly to the amplifier. Also on your current speakers, the INDIGO amplifier lets you hear details you haven’t seen before. You relive your favorite music. The True-Blue Box INDIGO offers the performance of a top quality DAC front and power amplifier within very modest

Also analog sources. Of course, digital signals are transformed into sound in a near-perfect way. But analogue sources can also be connected directly to the INDIGO. Vinyl lovers come with this amplifier completely to their attention. Thanks to the innovative built-in phono preamp, the music of an LP sounds exactly as intended: without hum, noise or distortion.

Sustainability. Due to the low energy consumption and the low heat development, the circuit is virtually non-wearable. That means little depreciation and a high residual value. The INDIGO is a small investment for a lifetime of listening pleasure. You can upgrade a set by connecting other speakers or using better resources. The INDIGO makes it all sound like you’re present at the recording. Experience it for yourself and come and listen in our company in Dordrecht.

The durable materials and minimalist controls make this Made in Holland amplifier a piece of jewellery for any interior. The amplifier is made entirely by hand.

If available, the delivery time is up to 1 week. Only available within the Netherlands.

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Output power2x250W in 4 Ohm, 2x 125W in 8 Ohm
Frequency range2Hz - 35kHz
Flat frequency responseregardless of the speaker impedance
THD+N0.002% @1kHz/1Watt
Digital inputs2x Toslink/Optisch, 1x USB, 1x Coax
Analog inputs3x Line level, 1x Phono
Samplerate32kHz - 192kHz
Bitrate16 - 24 bit
Attenuation factor> 2000
Input sensitivity line level input1.228 Vrms
Input sensitivity phono level input10 mVrms
Dimensions400 (B) x 320 (D) x H155 (H) mm
Weight6 kilo