Guru Q10 Set


The Guru Q10 -third generation by now- received a more than excellent review in Music Emotion. “Spectacularly good”, reviewer Ruud Jonker finds the Q10, as you can read in the review below. In the spring, the Q10 will get a finish extra. Besides Blue Ocean and White the set then is also available in Grey. All in a nicely finished matte tint.

Ruud Jonker in Music Emotion:
“If you see those Guru’s standing there, with their modest size and fancy appearance, then the expectation pattern is not very high. Okay, how you can completely misread them was really clear after ten seconds. This mini monitor completely wipes the floor with all the minis that have ever stood here or are still present. The Q10’s sound neutral, have a super-deep bass, sound fast, super realistic, are ultra dynamic and build an impressive holographic stage. The middle area excels with for example voices and copper. There is no sharpness, the definition and focus are very good and the detailing is sublime and natural. The whole view is extremely natural and real. Listening to the Q10’s you just experience that the view is fundamentally correct. It’s not always easy explaining how that’s coming. In the case of the Q10, it is even a mystery, because the woofer runs enormously and there is a huge overlap area with the tweeter. But it fits. Apparently they discovered something at Guru in phase and time-faithful filtering that they also snapping at YG Acoustics. The secrets behind Guru includes the specially developed mineral fiber membrane, which has superior properties over the entire range of such a driver. The material also has a major impact on the integration between the different drivers. It has been explicitly developed from a natural timbre, phase behavior and time behavior. While listening, a friend came along to get a cable. The Guru’s just played on war strength. He is flabbergasted and turned home completely out of his comfort zone. Ultimately, the Guru’s performance level can be understood. Especially when you know that they were actually developed as a professional studio monitor. But it’s really spectacularly good. “

Guru develops all technology in-house. Tweeters, woofers, filters are accurately manufactured according to Guru specifications by renowned producers.

Originally designed for professional use, the purpose of Q10 was to create a monitor that captures the entire event that takes place on a music recording (or other sound source), or rather recreates and is accurate, in time and space. To achieve that, you do not have to add a lot of subjective “positive things”-a color is a color, even if it is beautiful, and we do not want to add colors, says Guru.

The QM10 bass driver helps to produce super solid bass up to 30 Hz. The key factor is the long and linear stroke or even more the incredible pressure factor, which is larger than that of a typical 15″ driver with a factor of more than three. The choice of membrane is essential for both midrange quality and lateral interboard integration. The mineral fiber membrane of the Guru B59MF driver ensures perfectly controlled behavior within the entire working range and also adds an essential part of the stereo system compensation above the nominal working range. Short and powerful accurate sound reproduction in time and space is all about adapting to the characteristics of the listening room and avoiding and/or compensating for the inherent defects of the stereo system -all done with regard to our hearing- Or in other words, so that natural musical colors can be released into the recording.

The assembly and finishing touch is done in Stockholm, home of parent company STCKHLM Audio. Models: Guru Junior, Guru Q10 and the Guru Q60 (Q60 not available at the moment)

The matching wooden stands are available for 595.- per set.

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Typical response to the room30 Hz - 30 kHz
Sensitivity87dB (@ 2.83V, 1m)
Impedance5 Ohm
Crossover function2 - 7 kHz
Recommended amplifier power20W-160W
Maximum peak load
HousingHelmholtz resonator
Housing materialMDF / Aluminium
Speaker units1 × 20.5 mm soft dome tweeter, 1 x 102 mm mineral cone
Ideal listening distance1 - 4 meter
Dimensions (WxDxH)300 × 252 × 232
Weight7 kilo
PlacementBookshelf or tripod at about 30 cm from the wall, slightly screwed in
FinishBlack, white lacquer and oak veneer
ColorOcean-Grey (light blue), White
Gewicht houten standsWeight of wooden stands