• How do you know True-Blue Box?

I was introduced to True Blue Box via Hans Beekhuyzen’s YouTube channel.

  • What convinced you to buy the COBALT DA?

I was convinced to purchase the Cobalt DA integrated amplifier 1st by Hans’ video review of the Cobalt DA, and 2nd by email correspondence with T-BB.

  • What do you think of the sound of the COBALT DA?

The sound of the Cobalt DA is phenominal … no exceptions !

  • Which speakers have you connected to it and how do you like this combination? Speakers Used …

a) ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2

b) GR Research Paradox 1’s and LGK 1.0’s

c) L-Cao FA6 in TQWT cabinets w/ passive radiators.

The Cobalt DA seamlessly drives all three with utter control and clarity w/o any negative side effects.

  • Do you recommend the COBALT DA to friends and why?

I’ve recommended the DA to both friends and colleagues for its’ simplicity of use, flawless integration to both digital (2 toslink, 1 USB) and analog (1 RIAA, 1 line in) inputs, and the hidden state of the art digital tech inside that improves both reliability and electrical efficiency.

One of my “tube audio enthusiast” friends nominated the Cobalt DA to be the reference amplifier for evaluating various loudspeakers at out next meet-up after the covid-19 pandemic subsides.
  • Do you have any feedback points?

Due to its’ inherent simplicity…

i: The DA lacks line out and subwoofer connections.

ii: Only two speakers outputs are provided. These are floated bridge connections, thus no common ground.


Other Feedback Points: …

iii: The remote control could have more range (sometimes multiple tries are needed).

iv: Automatic protection circuitry may surprise you by abruptly dropping the volume if played too loud. The good news is that both your speakers and the amplifier are protected from harm by eliminating clipping distortion.

v: My Cobalt DA w/ custom built external circuitry perfectly executes all functions of an AV amplifier w/o the complexity normally associated with such equipment.